Hours of operation 5:30am to 9:30pm
Members are not permitted to use the gymnasium until they have completed an induction conducted by Saratoga Club staff.

Persons under 16 years of age are not permitted in the gymnasium at any time.

Members using the gymnasium and equipment provided do so at their own risk. Members are to cease use and seek medical assistance if at any time while using the gymnasium they feel unwell.

All equipment must be used in a responsible and careful manner to avoid damage to the equipment and prevent injury.

Members must return all equipment to its correct storage area before leaving the gymnasium.

Equipment must not be removed from the gymnasium.

Members must bring and use a towel while in the gymnasium. Members must wipe down all equipment after use with provided sanitary cleaning items.

Appropriate and clean attire must be worn at all times, including sports footwear.

Members may listen to music while using the gymnasium using personal headphones only.

Personal items are to be stored in the storage compartments provided. Storage compartments are to be used only when the member is using the gymnasium and must be emptied before leaving the gymnasium.

Saratoga Club is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal items brought into the Gymnasium by Members, whether stored in a storage compartment or otherwise
During peak times, as identified by Saratoga Club, use of cardio equipment is limited to 20 minutes

No food or alcohol may be brought into the Gymnasium.

Members must comply with all rules of use and policies relating to the gymnasium.

Access to the gymnasium may be withdrawn if Member fails to comply with the above gymnasium rules of use.

Weight equipment

All weight equipment has usage instructions on them outlining how the users should position themselves and also use the equipment.

As per signage, it is strongly recommended that any users of the smith machine should have spotters, another person to assist if they get into trouble.

Do not leave dumbbells or weight plates on the floor, please return them to their appropriate storage rack after use.

Do not let weight stacks drop, lower them slowly.

Do not add weight plates on weight stacks.

Do not reserve weight equipment between sets.

Members must bring a towel with them and must wipe down the equipment after use. Sanitising wipes have been installed in the gymnasium and must be used to clean equipment after use. Members use.

First aid kits

First-aid box has been provided for use in case of an emergency.
If you have used any of the contents provided, please complete a first aid incident report form located near the first-aid box and place completed form in the letterbox located adjacent to the manager’s office. Please do not abuse this facility as the area is under constant surveillance and any irresponsible use of the first-aid material will be followed up by centre management.
Personal items are to be stored in the storage lockers provided. Storage lockers are to be used only when the member is using the gymnasium and must be emptied before leaving the gymnasium. A padlock is required to lock the locker.

Gym exit times

Members must have exited the building by 9:30pm as the alarms for the building will arm. If you are in the building after this time and set off the alarms and you will be liable for any costs incurred to the building owner for call out. Breach notices will be issued, and possible loss of access may occur.